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COMMUNITY outreach Gr. VIIA (Upcoming)      • SPECIAL ASSEMBLY ON DUSSERA VII A (Upcoming)      • Inter House Dance Competition Gr. III to V (Upcoming)      • Inter house Role Play Competition VI to VIII Inter House Science Quiz Competition Gr.- IX/X (Upcoming)      • CLASS PRESENTATION GR. Pre-Nursery & Nursery (Upcoming)      • Inter Class Hurdle Race Competition For Gr. –Pre Nursery to KG (Upcoming)      • FIRST ASSESSMENT GR. I & II Ends (Upcoming)      • Selection of Hurdle Race Pre Nursery to KG.(Upcoming)      • Grand Parents day Pre Primary       • FIRST ASSESSMENT GR. I & II BEGINS (Upcoming)      • FIRST TERM EXAMINATION BEGINS for Gr. III to XII (Upcoming)      • Educational Trip Gr. Pre- Nursery, Nursery and Gr. KG      • SPECIAL ASSEMBLY TEACHERS DAY GR.- XII A, B & C       • SPECIAL ASSEMBLY Gr. I B (TEACHERS DAY)      • Educational Trip Gr. I & Gr. II      • Community outreach VIII B       • Workshop TOI for Gr-XI/XII(Anger Mgmt.)       • Educational Trip for Gr-V/VI ( Craft Museum)       • Educational Trip for Gr-III/IV (Lalbahadur shastri museum)       • Inter house Skating Tournament –IX /X       • Inter class Hindi Patriotic Poem Competition Gr I & II      • Celebrations of Sanskrit week- Assembly for Sanskrit week by Gr V students       • INTER SCHOOL COMMERCE FEST 2017       • Selection of Hindi Patriotic Poems Gr I & II       • Inter house T.T Competition Seniors Boys /Girls Gr IX to XII       • Inter house T.T Competition Junior s Boys /Girls Gr VI to VIII       • Inter house Skating Tournament –III to V       • CLASS PRESENTATION GR VI       • SPECIAL ASSEMBLY ON INDEPENDENCE DAY GR.- XI B       • EXCURSION of Pre Nursery , Nursery & KG (WOW)      • COMMUNITY OUTREACH- Gr.-XII – Swach Abhiyan      • Special assembly on Janmasthami 2017      • STAR PERFORMERS OF GRADE X (10 CGPA) 2016-2017      • Inter house Turn Coat competition. Gr-XI/XII       • Inter house Creative Writing Gr. VI to VIII       • Selection of role play our leaders Pre - Nursery to KG       • Inter house Group Dance Competition Gr IX/ X       • Assembly X A Inter house Skating Tournament –VI to VIII       • Inter house patriotic group song competition Gr III to V       • Special Assembly Gr. II B      • Community outreach VIII B       • Special Assembly on Rakhi Gr-IV A       • Workshop TOI for Gr-XI/XII(Anger Mgmt.)       • Educational Trip for Gr-V/VI: Craft Museum       • Educational Trip for Gr-III/IV (Lalbahadur shastri museum)       • Inter house Skating Tournament –IX /X       • Educational Trip for Gr-VII/VIII       • Eng Story Telling Competition for Gr I&II       • Educational Trip for Gr-IX       • Inter Class Eng Recitation Competition Pre- Nursery to KG       • Selection for Eng Story Telling Competition for Gr I&II       • EXCURSION GR. I & GR. II       • COMMUNITY OUTREACH Gr – X B Save Water       • SPECIAL ASSEMBLY- MANGO DAY FOR PRE PRIMARY WING       • Selection of English recitation Pre Nursery to KG PERIODICALS 1 BEGINS for Gr.- I / II      • COMMUNITY OUTREACH Gr – X A Each one plant one       • Educational Trip 3D Gandhi museum for Gr.- X, XI & XII       • Inter house Geetha Path Competition Gr- VI to VIII       • Inter House Senior Girls/Boys (Gr IXto XII) Volley ball tournament       • EXCURSION GR PRE NURSERY/NURSERY & GR,I      • World Population Day Special Assembly Gr. XI A       • Inter House Boys /Girls Gr-III to V Badminton competition       • Inter house Junior Boys Gr- VI to VIII Soccer competition       • Toppers of Grade XII 2016-2017      • Mothers’ Day Celebration – Grade Pre Nursery to II       • International technology day- Inter house Debate Gr- IX to XII       • Inter House Basket Ball Seniors Girls /Boys Competition 2017       • Investiture Ceremony Celebration 2017      • Inter House Basket Ball Boys/Girls VI to VIII       • Community Outreach (28th April) 2017      • Inter School swimming competition 2017      • Class Presentation (25th April) 2017      • Scholars Award ceremony 2017      • Community Outreach (21st April) 2017      • Special Assembly ’EARTH DAY’ 2017      • Inter house Extempore Competition 2017      • Inter House poster Making competition 2017      • Inter house Debate competition 2017      • Best out of Waste competition 2017      • Community Outreach program (13th, April) 2017      • Special Assembly (Baishakhi ,13th April) 2017      • Inter house Competition 2017      • Proud Moment       • Dikshant Samaroh 2017       • Gayatri Yajna 2017      • Alumni Meet       • Graduation Ceremony of Grade I students And Class Presentation of Grade II students on ‘Navarasas’      • Adventure Camp 2017      • Orientation Day 2017      • New Session 2017-2018      • SA-II Exams      • PTM      

Welcome to G.D. Goenka Public School, Greater Noida

Welcome to GD Goenka Public School, Noida, One of the premier educational institutions in the city. As the torchbearers of knowledge and growth, we leave no stone unturned in providing an extraordinary learning experience to our students.

There lies genius in every individual and every child is special. The problem and the solution, both lie first, in identifying the hidden genius in every individual a special individual's is not a new one, and neither any endeavors in may be taken or the previous step that may have been taken.

The best of infrastructural facilities, high-tech labs, well-stocked library and medical room, vast playgrounds, cafe, etc. the prerequisites that make for a wonderful school life - are available, by default, to all Goenkans.

Our team of highly experienced and dynamic teachers believes in imparting knowledge the unconventional way.

Our academic pursuits, along with a range of extracurricular activities, help in honing a child's skills and ensuring that he/she grows to be a mature and responsible citizen.

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We embark on the mission of creating individuals who are confident about their potential and are goal oriented, sensitive to their environment and above all, co-creators of their own destiny.

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HS-13, Swarn Nagri, Sector- TAU, Greater Noida, Near Parichowk, Opposite - J.P. Greens Kamla gate.

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