School has  a well-designed Physics Laboratory which provides facilities to the students to conduct various activities, experiments and projects. The lab has equipment and apparatuses which can be used to understand various concepts and methods of measurements with greater accuracy, wave formation and propagation, phenomena involving reflection and refraction of light, properties of matter, electricity, magnetic effects of electric current, semiconductor devices etc. Many group activities and projects are being carried out by students under the guidance of the teachers.
Chemistry Lab is equipped with all the apparatuses and equipments needed till the senior secondary level. Special care is taken to encourage innovativness among students to carry out projects related to their curriculum.
Life Science Lab is the hub of many experiments, self discoveries and experimentation in the true sense of the word. Group projects as well as individual experiments are carried out with enthusiasm in the tastefully designed lab. The advanced infrastructure of the lab is also supported with sufficient lab equipments and apparatus as per the needs and requirements of the curriculum.
Students learn at an early age through advanced facilities designed by the educationists and the researchers. Youngsters recently had some interactive experiences with advanced robotics technology at G. D. GOENKA. This encourages them to become future robotics engineers. The junior classes learn the basics by making models with the help of robotics kits.


Mathematics laboratory is a place where students can learn and explore various mathematical concepts and verify different mathematical facts and theories using varieties of activities and material.  The use of mathematics laboratory helps to integrate theory and practical work in mathematics teaching /learning. 

Our school boasts of state of the art Maths laboratory where students of all classes compulsorily visit once in a week  at least,  to learn the practical aspects of the syllabi.  It is the persistent endeavor of the school to make mathematics more interesting so that the student takes his/her Math Lab experience as a support system to his/her learning process.  


Environment plays a great role in imparting education .The atmosphere of social science laboratory helps the students in understanding the concepts.Teaching the concepts in Social Science Lab  affects the child psychologically and inspire him/her to study the subject more attentively.

We have models, samples, sketches, maps, globes and several pictures related to History, Geography and Civics topics. 

We also have samples of different types of rocks and minerals, solar system, globes, physical features of India, tectonic movements, volcanic eruption, the course of a river, physical, political and cultural maps of India and the World etc. 

In History we have projects and models  on Mughal empire, Harappan  civilization-clothes, artefacts, jewels etc.



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